A Comprehensive Holistic Overview Of The Dating In Dubai

Published: 05th March 2011
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Its the law of the universe that men and women usually engage in dating to find a suitable companion in life.

Numerous nations have different practices, views, and preferences in dating. Some nations are more liberal in their practices than others, while some are very traditional and conservative.

In some Asian nations such as China and India, a lot of individuals do not believe in dating and so arranged marriages are quite the rule. But no Kish and I were not arranged.

Ours was a very western love story.

Dating in Dubai is more or less similar to dating practices in other places. What sets it apart is that its a combination of modern dating behavior and the traditional Arab dating customs.

Due to the large number of expatriates residing at Dubai, the city is really teaming up with people of various nationalities from around the world, living in coexistence with the Arabs. The Arab traditions in dating are more conservative, however the Western influence has really influenced the dating practices and outlook in Dubai. Some of the younger, more "Westernized" Arabs are now commencing to date in similar ways.

As with other nations, Dubai has a range of bars and hangouts where men and women convene, as well as dating agencies and good websites where people can meet online. These modern dating practices are ingeniously intertwined with the more conventional practices of the Middle East.

The expatriates living in Dubai, particularly those from the western nations, go on dates to find companionship. Due to this, dating services and on-line dating are becoming more and more popular in the city. However, online dating is not that popular with the localites. However one of the most effective web-sites, if you want to find someone special online is the Arab Lounge which maintains the confidentiality of your information and profile.

However nowadays, Dubai men and women, influenced by the western culture have started seeking for casual dating and relationships. Nevertheless, there are equally as many who are actually looking to cultivate a serious and long-term relationship. The cosmopolitan nature of Dubai is clearly evident in the attitude of its general public regarding the topic of dating, which is quite a taboo in many of the more traditional and conservative Islamic predominant regions of North Africa and Western and Southeast Asia.

It is hard to classify the dating in Dubai in general because of the various outlooks of individuals. Dubai men who are focused on their career only date moderately or only in their free time, which is usually on weekends. Some men, on the other hand, like to date anytime and spend a lot of time hanging out so as to meet Dubai women.

Dubai women are also quite varied. Some expat women are looking for permanent relationships while certain girls in Dubai just like to date for fun. Men and women are really the same in many ways, arenít they? Too bad it is just us men who get the bad rep!

The locals, however, in spite of the strong western influence in dating, manage to keep their traditional way of life and dating preference. The parents have to be pleased after all donít they? It can be said, without any doubt, that the expats are the people who practice more of the contemporary dating in Dubai.

Dubai is generally more liberated than any other Arab nation-state and that is why a lot of individuals from all over the globe visit or live in this city. Coming to Dubai because of job and business prospects, the Dubai population is a mix of various nationalities and cultures. The dating scene is no exception to this mix.

Why donít you try checking out Dubai, hangout, and befriend other individuals - locals and expatriates alike? Who knows, you could meet someone you get along with?

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