Dubai Airport Shopping - Duty Free Shopping at Dubai Airport

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Published: 12th January 2011
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The Dubai Duty Free is definitely worth a visit the next time you're in Dubai. The shopping heaven was a result of a $540 million expansion of the Dubai International Airport. You will find it right in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Terminal.

Dubai Duty Free is most famous for its electronics and jewelry selection. You'll also find stores that carry certified Dubai diamond jewelry, Souvenirs, Tobacco and a number of the world’s best fresh chocolates.

Do not spend all the money, save some money on the way back to catch your air travel back home. You can get some very good deals at the Dubai Duty Free. I was in the market for the second generation Ipod in early 2008.

I had a few hours layover in Dubai from my trip from India to USA and was going through the electronics store at the Dubai Duty Free. I found the Ipod to be forty dollars less expensive than the best price I found within the USA.

Perfumes, cigarettes (wonderful deals) and gold also had wonderful bargains The government of Dubai has ensured to deliver quality airport purchasing experience. The duty free looks no different than a mall. You will see the same glamour, same service and the same marble floors all over!

If you are not visiting Dubai specifically but need to travel for work or pleasure elsewhere, I suggest taking an Emirates flight whenever you can (particularly if you visit the far east many times).

Apart from the 657 million wonderful things about the world class Emirates airlines, I am suggesting it this time because you'll likely make a stop in Dubai. And when you do, I hope you do enjoy the Dubai airport shopping experience.

The stores at the duty free are some of the best you'll notice around the world and the prices are equally as attractive even compared with various duty free shops elsewhere. It's very easy to get carried away shopping here and miss your flight so pay attention to the time and your wallet.
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