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Published: 09th February 2011
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From only a few years, you might have heard more and more about how Dubai has seen a resurgence as a regional leader in healthcare and medical services. Not only that, but there is increasing medical research and advancements with associated fields which are coming out of Dubai, making it an exciting prospect for employment.

When I visited Dubai in late 2007, I observed massive banners at the Dubai International Airport publicizing Dubai as the new healthcare capital. I knew right then that Dubai has shifted its focus to making serious developments in the healthcare industry.

Are you already considering a nursing job in Dubai?

Well, you certainly know that as a nurse there is a demand for your expertise in Dubai, so there is no worry of that. As a matter of fact there is demand for your skill all over the world.

Numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities are constantly on the lookout for new blood to reinforce their existing workforce. Nonetheless, inspite of the fact that there aren't any troubles about the availability of the nursing jobs in Dubai, the process of immigration to work in a foreign nation will sometimes be problematic.

Naturally, this couldn’t be truer than in the instance of nurses. Not only are there numerous immigration issues like visas and work permits to ponder on, but there are even the queries of certification and credentials that can really cause a headache or two.

Luckily, due to the sheer demand that Dubai has for nurses, as well as the relentless flow of human traffic towards nursing jobs in Dubai, various recruitment services out there offer complete help. Some of these recruitment services provide assistance with all the things from work permits to certification, so there really is nothing to worry about.

Others even go the extra mile by providing assistance in locating suitable accommodation. Incidentally, you should understand that various Dubai based hospitals pay for their workers accommodation, so take that into consideration as you make your decisions.

Advancement and Incentives for a Nurse in Dubai

Being a nurse in Dubai has several distinct advantages. Not only is it the chance of a lifetime to earn overseas and enjoy tax-free existence, but there is significant experience value and advancement as well. Being a nurse in an international medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment and an energetic medical community, there is little left to be desired for professionally.

Although you may have heard that Dubai is a costly city to live in, obviously the tax-free income is an advantage. Additionally, several hospitals provide generously for their staff, taking care of many of the basic requirements and then some.

For example, the American Hospital Dubai offers either accommodation in a shared facility free including free transport to and from work, or a Dhs. 2,000 ($550) allowance for both finding a rental accommodation and Dhs. 600 ($165) travel allowance, monthly.

To sweeten the pot, this American Hospital Dubai even provides its nursing workforce complete paid utility bills, with the exemption of long distance calls. Even a yearly annual leave ticket to visit your family is entirely free, as is a ticket at both the start and end of your contract. So, essentially, most everything is provided for. Just take your paycheck and deposit it in the bank every month.
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