Learn About The 12 Month Dubai Climate

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Published: 12th January 2011
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Climate in Dubai is characterized as being warm year round. It is not so bad during the winter months, but summers are exceptionally hot. The high levels of humidity just make it unbearable.

Having said this, it is best to go to Dubai in the winter.

To truly relish the climate in Dubai, both indoors and out, try to go there between November and mid March. These are usually the most enjoyable months to be in Dubai.

My sisterís wedding was in April and it was really HOT in Dubai at that time.

Even when I felt like doing quite a bit, the heat simply tamed me down and I couldnít get myself active enough to do it.

All you wish to do when itís that hot is sleep!

Weather.com & Other Weather Sites

If you check out weather.com, it will seem as if Dubai weather is the same throughout the year. I donít think weather.com has caught up as well yet in terms of accurately presenting the weather in nations outside the US.

Either that or the fact that weather in Dubai seldom changes as abruptly as it does here in the US. Even if it rains, it'll rain for just a bit. And even if it storms, it'll storm for just a bit. I donít suppose Iíve ever seen thunderstorm or sand storm warnings on weather.com for Dubai.

Perhaps they have caught up now by the time you're reading this. They were behind when I wrote this discussion though.

12 Month Progression in the Dubai Climate

Because other resources are not really that reliable, here is my synopsis on the weather in Dubai. Dubai weather is not so bad early in the year. These months are typically nice and sunny with least amount of rain.

Between late December and mid to late March you can anticipate the temperatures to hover around the 85 degree (Fahrenheit) range at most. You could expect 55 degrees as the low temperature during these months. Humidity isnít too bad, though more than you would possibly be used to if you're from the US.

Late March to late June starts to warm up a bit. Not much, by about 10 degrees at most. The good news is that the humidity levels decrease thus it does not feel too bad on your skin.

It would get pretty bad though sometimes. Days are longer and drier during these months as there's minimal to no rain fall. This is the climate of Dubai known to most of the world. Welcome to the desert.

July, August and September are the hottest months of the year in Dubai. This is no different from most places around the globe. Temperatures are usually in the 100 plus range during these months.

Days are long and dry as precipitation is minimal to none. But the good news again is that humidity levels stay lower than earlier in the year thus the heat is not so bad on the skin.

Temperatures take a turn in mid to late October and signs of better days become more obvious. Average temperatures in October range between seventy five and ninety five degrees. November and December are very snug months with temperatures starting from 85 to 65 degrees.

The humidity does rise to same levels like in January. You'll see the most rainfall in Dubai around Christmas time in December. October and November are relatively "rainier" than the rest of the year as well however not quite as much as December.

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